The agile MX3 electric bike can carry an impressive 200 kg of cargo

A team of engineers led by the Mastretta brothers developed the Cargo MX3 cargo trike. This is an electric bike ride, maximally adapted for the comfortable transportation of fairly heavy loads.

The MX3 features fully independent coil spring suspension, Nylomag bushes and hydraulic disc brakes. The ride is very manoeuvrable, and the double front brake provides reliable braking and excellent handling with and without a load.

The Cargo MX3 has three cargo areas: at the bottom between the front wheels, in the center between the seat and steering column, and at the rear where a bag or box can be stowed.

The Cargo MX3 is available in four versions - 40C, 60C, 80 Long tail and 200 Remolque. All models are equipped with electric motors 36 V, 250 W, 90 Nm (40 C) and more powerful 36 V, 500 W, 90 Nm (60 C, Long tail and Remolque). All of them have a battery with a capacity of 20-40 Ah, which can drive up to 200 km.

The carrying capacity of the MX3 40C is 40 kg, the 60C is 60 kg, the Long tail is 80 kg, and the Remolque with an additional trailer can carry an enchanting 200 kg of cargo.