A video of a 20-minute ride on the official attraction Mario Kart appeared on the network

Some time ago in Japan, Universal Studios was supposed to open a Super Nintendo World theme park dedicated to the various worlds and heroes of this iconic game console. But the opening was delayed "indefinitely, if required" due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Only a few lucky ones managed to see the park and its inhabitants. As a result, several videos appeared on the network, by which one can judge what should expect its future visitors. One of the brightest and most memorable attractions is dedicated to the game Mario Kart - it is called Koopa's Challenge.

The Universal Parks News Today YouTube channel posted a 20-minute video of the roller coaster. The entire ride is framed like a race in the game Mario Kart (this is a cartoon racing game with the heroes of the world of Super Mario, which has gained immense popularity over the past few years - ed. By Techcult). Each participant in the race controls his own kart in augmented reality and can use special in-game items against rivals. In one of the videos you can see how the effect of their application looks like in augmented reality, and in the other - how it looks in life without headset glasses.

Several other videos feature other Super Nintendo World entertainment, including Yoshi's Adventure, branded merchandise, and various mini-games for visitors to the park. You may have the opportunity to see it all and try it live when the covid epidemic is finally defeated.