French amphibious boat Iguana Interceptor rides the land with ease

The US Navy has just acquired two high-speed French five-seat Iguana boats equipped with a pair of retractable tracks in addition to two 350-horsepower outboards.

The US Navy command plans to use them in shallow water. For example, having reached the coast, Iguana transforms in 8 seconds into a crawler-tracked land transport capable of moving at a speed of about 7 km / h. As already mentioned, the boat can accommodate up to five people with a total weight of 1110 kg. On the water, the vessel is capable of speeds up to 92 km / h.

At the moment, the main purpose of acquiring boats is to test and assess their potential capabilities. It is not yet completely clear where they will be used in the future. According to experts, Iguana is ideal for special units carrying out missions in enemy territory.

For example, after reaching the shore, an interceptor boat rushes deep into the territory in order to disguise itself, and not stay at the landing point, turning into an ideal and well-visible target. In addition to this, the amphibious boat will be able to deliver goods, evacuate the wounded, and also participate in the elimination of the consequences of natural disasters. Iguana is not a combat vehicle, which, however, does not exclude the possibility of installing a medium machine gun in its bow.

Given the good characteristics of Iguana, there is a high probability of purchasing a large batch of such boats for the needs of the Pentagon.