The Netherlands Marine Corps will have a new type of weapon - the combat sled

The Royal Netherlands Marines (RNLMC) are significantly different from their counterparts in other countries, and soon they will have another unique difference - units equipped with special "combat" sleds.

The sleds appeared for a reason - RNLMC is preparing to fight in the most difficult climatic conditions, including the Arctic region, where a sled with a machine gun installed on it will be very useful. It is expected that the "premiere" of the combat sled will take place at the upcoming NATO exercise in Norway.

In wartime, the Dutch Marine Corps, numbering 2, 300 fighters, will be deployed there to cover NATO's northern flank on the border with Russia. The sleds in this case will serve as a means of transporting the marines' property - equipment, fuel, tents.

The RNLMC command acquired several types of Nordic sleds, usually carried by skiers, sled dogs and deer. We are talking about sleds 135, 150 and 170 cm long, designed to transport personnel and equipment.

The modified sleigh will have a mount for a 7.62 mm machine gun. From fighters equipped with sleds, subunits similar to companies or squadrons will be formed. The sleds will most likely be towed by skiers due to the lack of reindeer at the RNLMC. The option of towing with the help of an unarmored tracked Swedish all-terrain vehicle BV-206, which is in service with the mountain and Arctic units of the US Army, is also not excluded.