Monarch Tractor is the smartest tractor in the world

Manual labor in the field is a thing of the past, and the future of agriculture belongs to autonomous machines. Guided by this concept, Monarch Tractor introduced the machine of the same name, which was immediately dubbed "the smartest tractor in the world." Because it can work in the field and perform many different functions without any human control.

The Monarch Tractor is powered by a 70 hp electric power plant, its batteries last for 10 hours of operation, and recharges from a 220 V outlet takes 5 hours. The lifting capacity is 1000 kg, the tractor is equipped with a three-point suspension for fastening the equipment. Four-wheel drive is optionally available, but the cab is not closed from the weather - it is assumed that a person should not suffer from heat or rain with the car, in bad weather it works independently.

The “smart” tractor has been dubbed for its ability to collect up to 240 GB of new information every day to improve your knowledge using a deep learning system. The tractor has a 360-degree view, various sensors for orientation on the ground and object recognition. During operation, the machine learns the routes of movement across the field, where what is growing, what procedures with plants and when to carry out. The device can independently control the ripening process and make yield forecasts in order to make adjustments to its work.

To control the tractor, you can use standard equipment in the cab, an application in a smartphone, and even give commands with gestures. Or activate the follow mode, when the car follows the person, so that the tools in the back are always at his fingertips. On board the tractor there are connectors for connecting them. The cost of one Monarch Tractor is $ 50, 000 and will go on sale in the fall of 2021.