Voxan Wattman electric bike sets 11 world records

The pandemic has made serious adjustments to the plans of the French company Voxan, which had to abandon testing a new electric bike on the spacious salt marshes in Bolivia. Instead, the designers and racers were content with the dangerously short 3, 2-kilometer runway of the Chateauroux Santre airfield near Paris. However, this did not prevent them from setting not one or two, but 11 world records at once on the new 270 kW Wattman.

The electric bike weighing more than 300 kg was tested in several modes - with a full-size fairing, with its miniature version and without a fairing at all. The first record was set on the version with a full fairing, when, after overcoming 1.6 km of distance, Wattman accelerated to 366, 94 km / h. The previous record belongs to Mobitec EV-02A and was 329 km / h. The racer admitted that at some point the arrow on the speedometer jumped to 400 km / h, but due to the short length of the track, he had to drop the speed.

When installing a small fairing, the electric motorcycle was able to accelerate to 372 km / h, with an average speed of 349, 38 km / h. In addition, the following records were registered on the same day:

  • Drive a quarter mile with partial fairing at 394.45 km / h;
  • The same distance, but without the fairing - 357, 19 km / h;
  • 1 km drive with partial fairing, speed reached 386, 35 km / h;
  • Quarter mile, standing start, no fairing - 126 km / h;
  • The same ride, but with a partial fairing, acceleration to 127.3 km / h;
  • Distance 1 km, start from a place, without fairing - 185.56 km / h;
  • Same conditions, but with partial fairing, 191.84 km / h;
  • 1 mile run, start from a standstill, without fairing - 222, 82 km / h;
  • Re-run, but with a minimum fairing - 225 km / h.

The Voxan team was pleased with the test results and announced new ones for 2022. The desire to achieve confident movement of an electric motorcycle at speeds of 400 km / h and above is declared.