Japan has developed an inflatable scooter that weighs practically nothing

The University of Tokyo engineers have developed the Poimo inflatable electric scooter, which is created individually for each owner. It is enough to send your photo to the authors - and a personal optimized model will be assembled for you.

The scooter is designed with a special program for the body size of a particular user and his specific fit. Moreover, each owner is free to make any changes to this model. If he makes any changes to the drawing, the program will automatically redesign the electric bike to maintain its strength, stability and controllability. When the model is finished and approved, it is handed over to the manufacturer.

The scooter consists of seven separate inflatable sections, which are constructed from durable fabric and sewn with straight stitch. All that remains is to add electronic components - in particular, a brushless motor and a lithium-ion battery. The finished electric scooter weighs about 9 kg and can travel at speeds up to 6 km / h (that is, slightly faster than a pedestrian). On one charge, it can work for an hour.

This is how the current version of Poimo looks like in action:

More recently, we have already written about the first version of the Poimo inflatable scooter, which easily fits into a backpack.