The owner of a Tesla electric car without his knowledge received an upgrade for $ 4200

In English, there is an interesting idiom "Butt-Dialed", which literally means "accidentally dial a phone number backwards when the phone is in your pants pocket." Something similar happened to Ali Waziri, who a couple of months ago became the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 electric car. He got into the car, took out his smartphone and put it on charge, and a minute later received a message about the successful write-off of $ 4, 200 for connecting some service.

Ali, a doctor from Florida, swears that he did not press any buttons and did not enter the menu, he had no intention of ordering anything, much less spending such an impressive amount. He uses a premium account, so his credit card was linked to his account, which led to an automatic charge. According to Vaziri, everything looks like his Tesla ordered an upgrade for itself and activated the "Advanced autopilot" option at his expense.

There is no limit to the doctor's frustration, because it is a pity for money, and he does not need the advanced autopilot option at all. It is generally not very clear, since it opens up access to secondary and little-demanded, but very advertised functions. For example, to the possibilities of automatic lane change or self-parking, and the cherry on the cake is the call function when Tesla comes to its owner on command from a smartphone. Is it worth $ 4200?

The most unpleasant thing in this situation so far is that Vaziri's complaint to the support service remained without a clear answer, and the money was never returned to him. Because they do not know how to do this, the company does not have clear instructions for this case. And this despite the fact that back in January, after a similar incident, Tesla proudly announced the work done on the errors and optimization of the service.