Latvian enthusiast created the world's largest museum of Soviet aircraft in Riga

Latvia is one of the former Soviet republics that gained independence in 1991. However, even after almost 30 years, traces of this not so distant past have been preserved here. A five-minute walk from the Riga airport is the Riga Aviation Museum, which houses the largest collection of Soviet aviation equipment outside of Russia.

The museum was created in 1997 on the initiative of the former engineer of the naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet Viktor Talpa. Among the exhibits of the museum are aircraft of the eastern block - supersonic fighters of the Cold War times MiG-15 UTI, MiG-21 of several modifications - UM, US, bis, SMT; MiG-23 (BM, M, MF), MiG-25 RBS, MiG-29UB. Here are the fighters of the P.O. Sukhoi design bureau - Su-7U and Su-7BKP, the Tu-22M1 bomber and the civilian Tu-134A-3.

Among the helicopters, the heavy transport Mi-6 (Design Bureau ML Mil) undoubtedly stands out. According to experts, the gearbox is heavier than the engine itself. One of the first versions of the Mi-24A attack helicopter can also be seen here.

There are no analogues to the Riga Soviet Aviation Museum in the world. Something like that - Yanks Air Museum is located at Chino, California airport, and AMARG is the world's largest aircraft graveyard located in the Arizona desert.