Choka air bike frame instantly inflates a flat tire

Independent industrial designers from the Pyrenees region of France, Claire and Joel, have developed the SNOKA bike, which makes life much easier for its owners. Now they do not need to waste time and energy to pump a flat tire or use disposable air cartridges. The fact is that the bike frame itself has now turned into a compressed air reservoir.

Before a long trip, the owner of SNOKA needs to pump in the required amount of air through a special valve in the lower part of the tank frame with the help of a floor pump, bringing its pressure to 12 bar. In the event of an overflow in the reservoir, the excess will escape through the safety valve.

When cycling or hiking, if the tire needs to be inflated, it is enough to connect the valve of the frame-reservoir and the valve of the tire with an air hose. Using a special scale, the cyclist can control the pumping process. According to the developers, there is enough air in the frame to inflate two or three tires.

SNOKA bike (Aghata or Gravaël Raw models) can be purchased on Kickstarter with a payment of $ 1163. The kit also includes an air system, bottom bracket and headset.