The world's largest hydrogen plane makes its first flight

The American company ZeroAvia announced the successful completion of the world's first commercial aircraft on hydrogen cells on September 23. We are talking about a modified 6-seater Piper M aircraft, which, thanks to the modernization, has become the largest of the existing "hydrogen" aircraft.

The Piper M test flight is part of the British government-funded HyFlyer project to create a serial hydrogen-electric engine suitable for both existing and new aircraft, as well as to develop the corresponding hydrogen infrastructure.

According to ZeroAvia, the technology will be scaled up in a short time, and in three years, 10 and 20-seater aircraft will be put into operation, by 2030 - 50 and 100-seater, and by 2040 - 200-seater airliner with flight range up to 5560 km.

The next and final stage of testing the six-seat aircraft should be a flight at a range of up to 400 km with zero emissions from an airfield in the Orkney Islands, located north of Scotland.

Along with the development of the powertrain, ZeroAvia has created a hydrogen fueling ecosystem at Cranfield Airport, which is a pilot version of the future infrastructure.