Electric Hummer will be able to drive in "crab mode"

General Motors has officially confirmed that the new Hummer pickup model will feature an exotic diagonal drive mode, dubbed "Crab Mode". This non-standard way of moving is available to electric cars, since they can turn all four of their wheels at the same time. According to company representatives, this feature is specifically designed for the SUVs of the future.

Rumors of an electric pickup truck that will kick off the renaissance of the Hummer brand surfaced earlier this year. General Motors has invested $ 20 billion in the electric vehicle business, relying on an electric heavy SUV for this project. The power of such machines will reach the equivalent of 1000 hp, they are built on the modular Ultium platform, which allows increasing the battery capacity up to 200 kWh. "Crab mode" is far from the main highlight, the company constantly heats the audience's interest by mentioning various technical innovations of its future electric vehicles.

General Motors' Hummer electric pickup and SUV will begin production in late 2021. Around the same time, the closest competitor will enter the market - the Cybertruck pickup from Tesla, plus the Rivian electric off-road vehicle of similar capabilities. I wonder if the engineers of these brands will have time to add a "crab mode" to their cars or ignore it?