Chasing F1 video drone helps anglers find prey underwater

Chinese underwater drone manufacturer Chasing Innovation has unveiled its latest innovation - the Fish Finder Chasing F1 drone for anglers. It is a tiny buoy-shaped vessel, controlled via Wi-Fi at a distance of up to 30 meters using a mobile app.

The Fish Finder Chasing F1 is equipped with four motors allowing the drone to move in all directions as well as turn in place. Plus, it can tow sonar or a remotely activated bait dispenser.

Thanks to the F1's bright yellow coloring, it is always visible on the water surface, and the GPS tracker allows you to see it on the map in the app. When out of range of Wi-Fi, it uses GPS to automatically return back.

To find fish, the user activates the 1080p / 30fps camera at the bottom of the device. Attached to an electrical cable, it sinks vertically to a depth of 28 meters. As soon as the user stops the trigger remotely, the camera takes a horizontal position.

In addition to the underwater "picture" (for example, fish), the depth and temperature of the water are displayed on the smartphone screen, and when shooting in the dark, an infrared source is activated. The Fish Finder Chasing F1 is powered by a replaceable 4800 mAh lithium battery, rated for 4-6 hours of use on a single charge. You can buy a new drone for $ 700.