This tiny boat is the smallest ship in the US Navy

A tiny ship called the Boomin Beaver, just 5.8 meters long, is actually a US Navy guard tug. Before entering military service, he performed purely peaceful work - he was engaged in transporting logs along rivers. Currently, he is entrusted with the towing of small vessels in the waters of naval bases and the installation of protective fences around submarines, destroyers and aircraft carriers.

Despite its modest size, the Boomin Beaver can be seen on Google Maps near the USS Constitution Museum in Boston and in Boston Harbor, where it acts as an “active floating barrier” around the oldest US Navy ship. The Boomin Beaver tugs are also visible at naval bases in Kitsap Bangor and San Diego.

All tugs are located next to floating barrage nets, which in the images look like many interconnected buoys. Such networks create a visible border separating expensive warships from passing civilians. The Boomin Beaver can be found at the naval bases in Norfolk and Kings Bay, Georgia.

One of these tiny tugboats was up for auction in 2006. The description indicated its dimensions (length, width, draft) 5, 8 x 3, 05 x 1, 52 m. "Boomin Beaver" is equipped with a 260 hp Cummins 6BTA5.9 engine. The maximum price, according to the organizers of the auction, was $ 100, 025.