Furrion Exo-Bionics creates a new sport - exoskeleton racing

Many prosthetic exoskeletons are essentially wearable machines that greatly enhance the physical capabilities of a person. Developed by Furrion Exo-Bionics, the model is a four-legged vehicle weighing over 4 tons, capable of lifting a car, climbing boulders and running in the snow. However, the ultimate goal of its developers is somewhat different: they want to start a new sport - the racing of manned exoskeletons.

It took its creators more than 10 years to create a unique exoskeleton, and now it's time for its public debut. The first professional "pilot" of a sports exoskeleton was Cassie Hawrish, the Canadian skeleton champion. It took her only three days to master the control of an unusual four-legged car.

According to her, “this has become a very significant event for our entire team. There were some troubles - I fell out of the exoskeleton's cockpit twice, which was both scary and fun, as is usually the case when you fall from a height. "

Registered members of the Furrion crowdfunding company Exo-Bionics provide the opportunity to become the alpha pilot of the prototype of the future racing exoskeleton.