The unusual Swordfish boat will allow you to travel on water and underwater

François-Alexandre Bertrand designed and built an unusual surface submarine, which was named Platypus Swordfish.

The Swordfish is a 12-meter tourist tender (a small support vessel for cruising in shallow water and serving larger ships - ed. Tekkult) for eight people. Its unique feature is that it allows passengers to travel both over water and under water.

The subsea module is sealed and air is pumped into it. At the same time, the transparent cabin can be opened in good weather and completely closed for diving.

Swordfish will be available in both all-electric and hybrid versions. The electric version can accelerate to 40 knots (cruising speed - 18) and travel 115 nautical miles on a single charge. The hybrid model is 10 knots faster, has significantly more range - but like the electric Swordfish, it can sail in complete silence thanks to the electric motors.

This is practically all the information that Bertrand's company is ready to disclose at this stage. Production of the Swordfish will begin in 2021 and will debut at the Monaco Yacht Show. Customers from the United States and the Gulf countries have already expressed interest in the development.