EHang has developed a flying fire truck

Until recently, the Chinese company EHang has focused on the production of multicopters, which are used as air taxis and for transporting tourists. However, to prove the versatility of its autonomous unmanned platform, the company's specialists have developed a fire multicopter.

The fire-fighting version of the EHang 216 multicopter, equipped with a capacity of 145 liters of fire-extinguishing foam and six fire-extinguishing bombs, is designed to fight fires in high-rise buildings located within 5 km of the drone base.

Arriving at the scene of the fire, EHang 216, using a camera with an optical zoom, determines the source of the fire, hovers in the right place, turns on the laser guidance system, which throws fire extinguisher bombs into the flaming room and floods it with flame-extinguishing foam.

The characteristics of the EHang 216 are still unknown, so you should focus on the performance characteristics of the passenger version: the maximum speed is 130 km / h, the maximum time in the air is 21 minutes.

In early summer, the Civil Aviation Administration of China granted EHang a permit to use air taxis for the delivery of heavy cargo. Currently, the EHang 216 is only operated in China, but the company plans to sell multi-rotor firefighters around the world.