Bill Gates may buy Sinot Aqua, the world's first hydrogen superyacht

A number of media outlets were quick to announce Bill Gates' decision to place an order for the construction of an innovative vessel - the Sinot Aqua superyacht powered by hydrogen. Later, it was clarified that the negotiations had just begun, the deal had not been completed, and therefore it was too early to talk about the final appearance and design of the ship. However, the chances that the ex-head of Microsoft will still allocate $ 644 million to create the most advanced yacht in the world are very high.

Sinot Aqua was designed by Feadship, a shipbuilding company specializing in custom yachts. The vessel is 120 meters long, has five decks, 31 crew members and the ability to take on board 14 VIP passengers. The yacht is not designed for racing or sea cruising, although she has an autonomous sailing range of 3, 750 nautical miles.

Among other superyachts, Sinot Aqua stands out for its commitment to a zero-emission concept. Yes, there is a small shunting diesel engine as a spare engine, but the main propulsion system runs on hydrogen. It consists of two propulsion engines with a capacity of 1 MW each and several maneuvering devices for 300 kW. On board there are cryotanks for storing gas, including helium - instead of traditional fireplaces in case of cool evenings, living quarters are heated with harmless "fireballs".

With funding available, Sinot Aqua can be built by 2024.