Destroyer Zumwalt's weird hull helps her deal with the highest waves

The famous program for equipping the US Navy with advanced destroyers of the Zumwalt type, according to military experts, became one of the most disastrous for the Pentagon in its history. As a result, instead of the originally planned series of 32 warships, only three were produced. The last one was launched in 2017.

Today, the reasons for the failure are well known: the first is the fantastic high cost of the resulting destroyers. The cost of one such "miracle" of military technology exceeds $ 4 billion. To this should be added a lot of technical miscalculations of the developers.

However, according to Defense News, the unlucky ship still had an unexpectedly strong side. It turns out, thanks to its extremely unusual design, the USS Zumwalt is more resistant to heavy storms than its brethren. So, at a speed of 22 to 27 knots (40 - 50 km / h), it easily overcomes waves up to 4 m high.

According to experts, this became possible thanks to the design of the hull, in which the sides "piled" inside are used. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the geometry of the hull expands from top to bottom, as a result of which the ship cuts the water on the move, like a knife.

It is worth paying tribute to the crew members who stood up to defend their "loser destroyer". According to the crew, the Zumwalt is much more confident in turning than other ships - they are more like a high-speed drift than a sequential leisurely maneuver.