Electric Skate Speedboard Pulls in Speed ​​with Car

Currently, the market for electric skateboards is filled mainly with four-wheeled models that can accelerate to 32 km / h. Compared to them, the Speedboard has several differences - it is built on a two-wheel chain with a chain drive and can reach speeds of up to 50 km / h.

The Speedboard was designed by Los Angeles-based mechanical engineer David Jackson. Thanks to a new element - a spring-loaded lever mechanism - the skate wheel can rotate 30 degrees relative to the board, obeying the tilt of the rider's body.

The Speedboard is equipped with 10.3-inch Kenda pneumatic tires, allowing it to ride on non-skate terrain such as gravel roads.

To increase reliability and safety while riding, Jackson opted for a chain drive consisting of a 9-tooth hardened steel gear mounted on an electric motor shaft and driving a 70-tooth steel sprocket on the rear wheel through a strong steel chain.

Choosing the optimal speed, Jackson opted for 50 km / h to keep up with other motorbikes. Control over speed and braking is carried out using a portable radio remote control.

The rear wheel is powered by a 4000-watt motor that is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack located inside the board. The batteries are removable, one charge is enough for a mileage of 25 to 40 km, depending on the user's weight and riding style. The weight of the skateboard itself is 12 kg.

You can order the Speedboard complete with a helmet on Kickstarter for $ 2, 000. The start of deliveries is scheduled for May 2020