The Seraph Heavy Electron can carry up to three people at a time

The British company Vertical Industries (Bristol), presented the eVTOL Seraph, capable of carrying up to 250 kg of payload at a speed of 80 km / h. According to experts, it is one of the main candidates for the role of the UK electric air taxi.

The Seraph has 12 coaxial propellers mounted in pairs on six rods. Apparently, the power source is located on the roof, which makes it possible to cool it and the on-board electronics with air flow. The aircraft body is made of carbon composite.

According to the developers, Seraph will be able to carry up to three people, although this figure is very relative. The fact is that the new device is likely to be engaged in the delivery of goods.

There is nothing revolutionary about its design. It is a large, electrically powered drone with a very limited flight life, probably no more than 20 minutes. Alas, modern lithium batteries are not yet capable of providing longer flights.

Hydrogen fuel cells can change this situation. With their introduction, the flight range of electric helicopters will increase to 600 km.