Silent electric jet Kitty Hawk Heaviside crossed the 150-kilometer milestone

Kitty Hawk and Google co-founder Larry Page unveiled their third electric aircraft, the Heaviside (HVSD), which covered more than 150 km on a single charge while making 100 times less noise than a helicopter.

Low noise level is one of the main advantages of the new aircraft. A video posted on the Kitty Hawk website notes that a helicopter hovering at an altitude of 450 meters makes a noise of 60 db, while a Heaviside only 38 decibels.

However, nothing is known about the serial production of the Kitty Hawk. The company recently announced that it is in talks with Boeing on this issue.

Overcoming the 150 km barrier is a major help in strengthening the position of electric aircraft. True, a multi-seat aircraft requires much more energy than, for example, an electric car. The batteries that provide Tesla with a range of almost 500 km on the ground can lift the electrolyte into the air for just a few minutes.

In this regard, Kitty Hawk can still count on one-, two-seater versions, which Heaviside developers are not happy with. This means that the work will continue - and in conditions of serious competition with the creators of multi-seat flying taxis.