Self-taught engineer goes fishing on drone in Australia

Sam Foreman from Kineton, Australia has taken drone engineering to the next level by creating a flying drone platform for fishing with friends. The test run was successful, and Foreman not only did not fall into the water, but also managed to catch fish in the Upper Kolibanskoye reservoir. However, the state authorities did not appreciate Foreman's inventions and threaten him with a large fine.

The car that the innovative fisherman flew is homemade. She has six 27-inch propellers, 12 electric motors, 25 batteries, and a hanging chair. Alas, the fisherman pilot did not have enough money for a full-fledged air seat, the construction of a drone already cost $ 13, 400. Judging by the video, the creation of a drone became a form of protest - Foreman's friends clarified that the reservoir is banned from the use of floating equipment. And a multicopter does not swim, but flies, which means that it can formally be used.

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority said it viewed the incident as a violation. A drone of this size has never risen into the local sky, and therefore it is not entirely clear how great and serious the risk was. In any case, Foreman will have an unpleasant conversation with the police, because he has not coordinated his flight in Australian airspace with anyone. And this promises the lover of flying and fishing a fine of $ 10, 000.