World's first solar-powered railway launches in Britain

Riding Sunbeams launches the world's first solar-powered rail line in Hampshire, UK. It is not very long, but it is no longer experimental, but works on an ongoing basis. In 2020, the company promises to transfer all the surrounding railways to a new energy source.

Energy is supplied to the contact rail not directly from the sun, but via a cable from the nearest solar power plant. On the lands of a nearby farm, 100 solar panels have been installed, which generate energy. The peculiarity of this project is that the solar station was created specifically for the needs of the railway. This is not an abstract element of green energy, but part of the new infrastructure of the region.

The developers claim that the trains on this line run exclusively on the energy of the sun, and track electrical equipment works from it. However, they do not specify how all this will function in winter, with precipitation or in the famous British fog. However, this does not prevent them from planning, following Hampshire, to transfer all railways of the country to solar energy, and then start implementing similar projects abroad.