Axon Fotokite 'tethered' drone will help US police work

Drones are increasingly being used by the police for a wide variety of law enforcement tasks. But their use is still limited by a short flight time and the need for training and certification of operators. Public safety company Axon has taken on the challenge with a tethered Fotokite drone.

The drone was developed by the Russian-American robotics engineer Sergei Lupashin. Fotokite is an electric quadcopter connected to the ground with a long cable-cable through which power is supplied to the aircraft from the battery or mains, as well as HD video information from the onboard camera. The cable tie provides the drone with a long stay in the air and continuous video transmission.

Base station

The drone can be controlled manually using a laptop or tablet, as well as work in autonomous mode, while maintaining a given altitude and position. In addition to this, the snapping allows Fotokite to fly in urban areas without a special FAA license.

Thanks to this, for example, police can immediately deploy Fotokite over a crime or accident scene at an altitude of up to 50 m, continuously monitoring a significant area in real time.