The renewed microhome Ecocapsule has become more convenient and much cheaper

Ecocapsule, the creation of the Slovak startup Nice Architects, was first presented in 2015, and its final appearance was formed by 2018. It is an egg-shaped micro-house suitable for autonomous living outside the urban infrastructure. For adherents of this style, a cheaper version is now available - Space (the price of the first version of Ecocapsule is $ 88, 000) without some frills.

The dimensions of Space Ecocapsule remained the same - 4, 67 x 2, 2 m (useful area - 8, 2 sq. M). New items include a white fiberglass sink. The entrance to the ecocapsule is a small sliding door.

Flooring and a small storage area are standard. Additional options include a bed, air conditioning, compact furniture and a small shower. The interior of Space Ecocapsule has become simpler and is now better suited for travel, the capsule can also function as an additional room, study or other space.

The power source for Space is 200W solar panels mounted on a small telescopic pole connected to batteries. Also, Ecocapsule can be connected to a regular electrical network.

Ecocapsule Space starts at $ 55, 000. Delivery is available worldwide.