Romanian engineers have developed a working flying saucer

In the spring of this year, the presentation of a reduced model of the ADIFO aircraft took place. He not only looks like a "flying saucer", but also moves almost like fictional counterparts from old films. The developers of ADIFO, Romanian engineer Razvan Sabi and design scientist Iosif Taposu, have brought the project to the stage of creating a full-size working prototype, but they need funding.

And it will take a lot of money. First, it is planned to supply powerful jet engines instead of cheap electric motors. Secondly, a new series of wind tunnel tests should be carried out, taking into account the increased capabilities. Thirdly, as promised by the developers, they hope to fly at supersonic speed. Finally, you need to try to implement one of the main advantages of ADIFO - the ability to accurately maneuver at transonic speeds.

The ADIFO project is a non-standard aircraft that combines the properties of a helicopter, multicopter and jet aircraft. It is capable of vertical takeoff and landing, it can turn around its axis and continue moving in any direction, it is able to maneuver practically on the spot, without prolonged turns. And also - it can turn on the propulsion engines and accelerate to the speed of sound, like a rocket.

As the journalists found out, several unnamed government agencies and at least one major aircraft manufacturer have already shown interest in the project of a "flying saucer" from Romania.