Yamaha plans to launch Tritown three-wheeled scooter

The Tokyo International Auto Show is characterized by a focus on the extraordinary concept cars of the future. In this sense, the Yamaha-designed single-seat Tritown looks a little strange - but, nevertheless, the company is confident in its commercial prospects. It is currently undergoing a series of field trials.

The Tritown uses the same layout as earlier Yamaha concepts. We are talking about the Tesseract four-wheeled motorcycle and the Tricity three-wheeled motorcycle, which will go into series production in a year.

Compared to earlier models, the current Tritown looks slightly different. The basis has remained unchanged: the tilt mechanism of the front wheels allows the driver to fit into turns, changing the position of his body. Thanks to them, it will not roll over when stopped, and the footpegs will remain at the same level when turning.

The tilt system is activated by a locking mechanism on the steering column while simultaneously compressing both brake levers and transferring weight to the footpegs. In this case, the throttle built into the steering wheel is controlled by the thumb.

The Tritown is just over a meter long and weighs about 40 kg. Yamaha expects it to be used in resorts and recreational facilities.