Norway launches world's first hybrid cruise ship

The Norwegian company Hurtigruten announced the successful completion of tests of a new ship - a cruise liner with a hybrid power plant. The MS Roald Amundsen is named after the famous polar explorer and is designed to operate in northern latitudes. It was the first ship of its class in the world to use an electric motor and battery power in addition to a traditional diesel engine.

The electric motor is auxiliary and will be used from time to time. The vessel in this mode fully maintains maneuverability and speed, however, the energy reserve in the batteries will be enough for no more than half an hour of continuous operation.

The MS Roald Amundsen is partly an experimental ship, it was also created in order to test some advanced concepts in practice. For example, despite the fact that the main route of the hybrid will be on diesel engines, regular switching to the electric motor should ultimately reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by 20%. Further, when driving on electricity, the noise from the onboard systems should be reduced so much that passengers on the deck can hear the crackling of breaking ice and the voices of polar animals. This is described as a competitive advantage of the liner when organizing tours to the Arctic.

The ship can take on board 530 passengers. It has all the amenities, including saunas, a cinema room and balconies in more than half of the cabins. And also several innovations - a closed heated observation deck in the bow of the ship and the Amundsen Science Center at the stern. "MS Roald Amundsen" is adapted for holding scientific conferences on board, transporting expeditions and organizing thematic events dedicated to the problems of the North.