Eximus IV awarded the title of the most energy efficient transport in the world

The annual Delsbo Electric competition, held in the Swedish town of the same name, aims to build the most energy efficient vehicle for the competition. By default, for the sake of safety, it should move on rails, along a track 3, 36 km long. Speed ​​qualities do not matter, on the contrary, cars must transport cargo in the form of at least 6 passengers from 50 kg each, so children ride them with pleasure. And no one will risk it.

The main task is to build an efficient, but not disposable structure that uses the least fuel in proportion to the work done. Traditionally, for many years in a row, the first places have been taken by the Eximus team, with engineers and scientists from Chalmers and Dalarna universities. Their latest model, the Eximus IV, achieved a record 0.33 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.

Another member that attracted attention was the Levitas team. They built, no more, no less, but their own version of the maglev carts on magnetic levitation. She did not show very significant results, but she moved without problems on the same ordinary rails as other cars. And at the same time it turned out to be incredibly easy to operate and cheap to manufacture for such a complex technology. It is possible that this development in the near future will be able to revolutionize rail transportation.

Maglev trolley Levitas