Honda Mean Mower V2 lawnmower sets new world speed record

Honda's Mean Mower V2 has regained the title of the fastest lawn mower in the world, accelerating to 243 km / h and showing the world's best power-to-weight ratio. The previous record for this indicator belonged to ... Bugatti Chiron.

The record was not born from scratch. The Mean Mower V2 features a 200 hp 13, 000 rpm engine from the CBR1000RR Fireblade, a custom made ultralight frame and a standard Honda HF 2622 lawnmower body kit. Honda has assembled its growling beast with British racing partner Team Dynamics by British Touring.

The first lawnmower speed record, set in 2013, lasted only two years: in 2015, the Norwegian team drove at 215 km / h on a Viking T6 lawnmower with a 408-horsepower Corvette engine.

Honda returned its champion status last week at the famous Dekra Lausitzring race track, near Dresden, where two world records were set at once: speed - 241 km / h and acceleration - from 0 to 161 km / h Mean Mower V2 accelerated in just 6, 29 seconds. At the same time, despite the fantastic performance, the lawn mower can still be used for its intended purpose.