French wine tastes better thanks to drones

Recently, drone drone has been increasingly heard over vineyards in the Fronton region in southern France. Winemakers are among those who are actively exploring the sky to collect important information - finding diseased plants, forecasting harvests, mapping vineyards and other data.

The Delair UX11 drone was created by the specialists of the eponymous startup located in Toulouse. In addition to drones, data analysis software is also being developed here. Practice has shown that enterprises and companies are willing to pay big bucks for high-precision measurements and systems based on artificial intelligence that help in processing the collected information.

The basic Delair model is 110 cm wide, weighs 30 kg, and costs 15, 000 euros. For flying around and photographing an area of ​​0.5 sq. km, the drone needs no more than a minute. Based on the images taken, a 3D computer image is later created, reminiscent of a mixture of a 3D game and Google maps. By studying them, winemakers, by the type of foliage, determine the amount of fertilizer required for plants.

The more expensive model costs 200, 000 euros and has additional types of radars. Optionally, installation of a night vision system is possible. Although this function is not very useful for growing grapes, it is more needed for protection and surveillance. In addition, this drone is 11 kg heavier and will require a catapult to launch it.