All new DJI drones get built-in aircraft and helicopter detectors

Preventing drone collisions in the air with other objects is a difficult task for which there is still no final solution. The Chinese company DJI also offered its own version. From next year, she intends to install special security detectors on new models of drones.

DJI has previously blocked flights over the Washington White House with a firmware update, developed geofencing rules to prevent flights in prohibited areas and software to limit the range of unregistered drones.

The latest development is based on a technology commonly used in the aviation industry - ADS-B. Most modern commercial aircraft are equipped with it. Its main function is to report the location of the aircraft to other aircraft and air traffic control services.

DJI has adapted ADS-B technology to suit its needs, giving it the name AirSense. Thanks to it, drones will be able to detect signals from planes and helicopters at a great distance. The received signal of an approaching aircraft is displayed on the operator's remote control screen and warns him of a possible collision.

As DJI announced, starting in January 2020, all drones weighing more than 250 grams will be equipped with AirSense.