Lilium air taxi makes its first serious flight

For the first time, the Lilium project became known in 2016. Then he declared himself as an ambitious aircraft startup with the prospect of creating a five-seat air taxi.

The German company Lilium is a "product" of the European Space Agency, specially created to solve the problem of traffic jams in cities. Its goal is to create a flying electric taxi that can be summoned using a smartphone app.

The Lilium-designed Jet can take off vertically from small areas thanks to 36 electric motors. The capacity of the batteries allows Lilium Jet to make a 300-kilometer flight without recharging.

In April 2017, the first takeoff of the two-seat prototype took place, with the transition from hovering to horizontal flight. To continue development required an additional $ 90 million, resulting in a five-seat version, which was demonstrated in early May.

Lilium's management hopes that its air taxis will “conquer” the world by 2025, with the cost of a single flight being comparable to that of a regular taxi.