Kymera is a lightweight and powerful microboat for speed lovers

Jason Woods began work on the creation of an inexpensive single-seat compact electric boat 15 years ago. The first version of the Kymera with a jet engine appeared in 2011, and a year later Woods converted it to an electric motor and put it up on Kickstarter.

The latest version, the Kymera K-X2, is an electric surfboard "faster and lighter than its competitors." The dimensions of the microship are 213 x 101 x 66 cm, weight is 14.5 kg. The boat is equipped with a 10, 000 watt engine providing a speed of 56 km / h. The manufacturing company expects that lovers of water and waves will be able to use it for an hour, after which it will need to be recharged. For ease of transportation, the Kymera K-X2 can be disassembled into two parts.

The first buyers of the Kymera K-X2 will get it for $ 5, 995. Over time, its price will rise to $ 6495. Delivery to customers is scheduled for the end of this year.