US Army gathers team of hackers to combat civilian drones

The US Navy and Army have joined forces on Project JYN, which aims to bridge the gap between the military in such sensitive areas as fighting small commercial UAVs. Thus, the Pentagon reluctantly admits that it cannot independently maintain the required level of competitiveness in this area. The military is looking for help from civilians - specialists in IT-technologies.

The American navy has combat lasers, and the ground forces have electronic warfare troops that can deal with UAVs. With the only proviso that these systems were designed for a military scale, to counter large, heavy machines. And the main threat, as American experts admit, now comes from small, inconspicuous and cheap drones, which are bought in batches through online stores.

A commercial quadcopter is a multifunctional tool that is more dangerous the more it is underestimated. But shooting missiles at flying toys is expensive even for the Pentagon's budget, so all hope is for the art of IT specialists. They are required to develop new concepts for countering threats of this kind, preferably with small forces. It is no coincidence that the title of the project is a reference to the lone character from the movie Star Wars: Rogue One.

“This is necessary for the Navy to gain a competitive advantage over commercial unmanned technologies. And learn to counter the potential use of these weapons against ships and Navy resources, ”said James Hertz, Assistant Secretary of the US Navy.