Engineers are developing a convertible wing that can change shape right in flight

The general design of aircraft has remained practically unchanged since the days of the Wright brothers - but this does not at all mean the absence of revolutionary ideas in this area. Right now, NASA and MIT engineers are developing a "fundamentally new" type of transformer aircraft wing.

During flight, this wing will be able to change shape, maximizing its aerodynamic efficiency. Instead of relying on changing individual moving parts (such as flaps), the new wing will be able to transform the entire surface, thanks to a unique design. The fact is that it consists of thousands of small triangular fragments.

In addition to being more flexible, the new wing is significantly lighter due to the combination of rigid and plastic polymer coated components. This combination of properties makes an aircraft with a convertible wing more energy efficient.

One of the main advantages of the wing from NASA is the ability to adapt to different phases of flight: takeoff, landing, maneuvers and cruising. An aircraft with such a wing has more opportunities to optimize energy consumption and simplify the flight control process.