US Navy plans to build a giant "hospital ship"

The US Navy needs a naval ambulance - a floating hospital to provide emergency assistance to military personnel with minor and moderate injuries. For this, it is planned to convert a high-speed transport ship, usually used for landing troops and military equipment, into an expeditionary medical transport (EMT).

The most suitable option is the USNS Burlington high-speed landing ship-catamaran. With a shallow draft, it can literally come close to the edge of the coast. The Navy Medical Service has already requested $ 49 million to convert it into a floating infirmary.

The length of the catamaran is 103 meters, the displacement is 2500 tons, the cruising range is about 2000 km, the speed is 74 km / h. The floating hospital is designed for 312 military personnel and carries evacuation transports on board the size of the Abrams tank. Unloading and loading will be carried out using a ramp or a helicopter.

The main functions of EMT are sorting, resuscitation, evacuation, treatment of the wounded and sick until they recover, as well as emergency dental (!) Care. It is possible that emergency medical operations with subsequent treatment will be carried out on the ship.