Boeing unveils Loyal Wingman combat drone, which is almost no different from an aircraft

Boeing Corporation has unveiled a concept model of the new Loyal Wingman drone. The presentation took place as part of the Australian International Airshow.

The evolution of combat drones is characterized by impetuousness. The first UAVs performed reconnaissance functions and did not differ in long range. The current generation of combat drones, including the Loyal Wingman, are almost in no way inferior to conventional aircraft, complementing and expanding their capabilities.

The new concept model looks more like a manned combat vehicle. The main difference is the absence of a cockpit. The current Loyal Wingman prototype is expected to cover more than 3, 700 km during its first test flight in 2020.

There is no information about the armament of the drone yet. It is known that it will be equipped with electronic warfare systems, sensors for reconnaissance and surveillance. In addition, the Loyal Wingman will be equipped with artificial intelligence, which will allow it to autonomously and safely interact with manned aircraft.

It is worth clarifying that Loyal Wingman is Boeing's largest unmanned aircraft program targeting the international market.