First unmanned tram is being tested in Moscow

In the coming years, unmanned trams will appear on the streets of Moscow. The corresponding agreement was signed by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and representatives of the Russian companies PK Transport Systems and Cognitive Technologies.

The tests began at the manufacturing plant about four months ago, after which they continued at the tram depot. Bauman, where the "reaction" of the unmanned tram to various obstacles in the form of boxes was tested. The developers were pleased with the result: each time the tram stopped in front of an obstacle and continued to move after it was removed.

The next stage began about two weeks ago, already on the streets of the city: a drone tram (still under the supervision of a driver) made a trip along route 17 (Ostankino-Medvedkovo). Test drives will continue in 1-2 months.

Representatives of Cognitive Technologies, the developer of the control system, said that their main task is to ensure the ability of the tram to respond to the road situation: the presence of traffic lights, stops, pedestrian crossings and various obstacles.

All this will be provided by video cameras and radars located along the tram's perimeter. The Glonass system will be responsible for positioning.

The tram is the first swallow in the development of autonomous transport in the capital. The Department of Transport plans to launch unmanned buses and electric buses.