Its a Jack super jack will help you to accurately look under any car

To get under the bottom of the car, auto mechanics usually use a pit or a special lift. The new "Its a Jack" jack will make this operation much easier and more accessible for ordinary car owners.

Made of powder-coated steel, the jack is equipped with an inclined platform onto which the vehicle is driven by the front wheels. Once they are securely in place, a hand-operated cable winch can be used to lift one side of the vehicle to the desired angle.

According to the developer, a car weighing up to 3.5 tons can be tilted up to 80 degrees in just five minutes. At the same time, during the tilting process, no load is created on the chassis or wheel bearings, and the extension of the jack reliably protects the car from overturning.

You can get to know "Its a Jack" better on Kickstarter, and by making a deposit of $ 1000, you can even become its owner. In retail, it will become $ 500 more expensive.