Teen robbed a Texas bank on an electric scooter

We live in the information age, and even if you decide to do something that is far from digital technologies, they should not be discounted anyway. Someone Luca Manjarano, a 19-year-old criminal from Austin, Texas, decided to rob a bank. But not by hacker methods, but in the old fashioned way - he went to the office and handed the cashier a note demanding to put the cash in a bag, otherwise he would open fire.

Manjarano believed that the robbery had gone smoothly, when suddenly armed police knocked on his door. Arriving on a call to the bank, they looked through the recordings from surveillance cameras and saw the young man leaving with the loot on the Jump electric scooter. The vehicle bore the logo of the Uber service, where, at the request of the police, they gave full information about who rented it that day and hour. This was not difficult to do, since Manjarano habitually used his personal credit card.

Then, after checking the data from the scooter's GPS tracker, the police traced the robber's path from the bank to the parking lot near his house. All that remained was to make a request to the local communications provider, where they also confirmed that the smartphone with the Manjarano phone number had "lit up" in the indicated area during the robbery. And even if a competent lawyer could present this data in court as contradictory evidence, in the end, the police took the robber red-handed, with a package of money in their hands. Here it is, the benefits of high technology.

On the one hand, you can laugh at the hapless bandit. On the other hand, it's not just about Uber and credit cards - there are many services operating in the world around us that already know almost everything about us. And the fact that not all of them seek to use it for their own ends does not negate the risks. An experienced professional can learn a lot about our life and actions even in the real world outside the Internet.