BreadBot bakes a loaf of fresh bread every six minutes

Despite modern technologies, the quality of freshly baked bread, which we buy in stores, sometimes leaves much to be desired. Wilkinson Baking Company presented at CES-2019 an innovative and at the same time rather complex way of solving this problem in the form of a BreadBot robot bread maker, which bakes bread from scratch.

On the left side of the machine, all the bread ingredients are collected into a single mass, after which it enters the dough kneading unit and then is distributed among the baking tins. Then the finished bread pieces are placed in a special warm place for proving the dough, where it reaches the desired condition. The final stage is transportation to the oven and baking, followed by shipment to retail chains.

It takes about an hour and a half to bake one loaf. However, representatives of the company claim that with constant operation of the machine, its productivity is up to 10 loaves of bread per hour or 235 per day, and we are talking about several types of products at once.

Wilkinson Baking Company hopes that over time, BreadBot will be able to bake bread not only in bakeries, but directly in stores and supermarkets.