Japanese company is testing the ALFA-X train capable of moving at a speed of 360 km / h

East Japan Railway has unveiled a prototype of the ALFA-X bullet train (up to 360 km / h). The silver-colored train, consisting of 10 cars with green lines, will be built in May at Kawasaki Heavy Industries' plant in the Hyogo prefecture capital.

On this Wednesday, fragments of two cars were shown - 16 and 22 meters long. Both models will take part in the tests. Hayabusa's current E-5 high-speed trains have a bow of 15 meters.

During the tests, specialists from East Japan Railway will study the pressure on the body and the sound differences between the two types of cars as they enter the tunnels. The company also intends to test emergency brakes, an earthquake derailment system and new vibration-reducing equipment.