Alphabet launches 10-minute free drone delivery

Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet, will launch free trial deliveries of goods weighing up to 1.5 kg using drones in early 2019 in Helsinki. Delivery time will not exceed 10 minutes, and the distance is 10 km.

Unlike Australia, where the company's drones are already delivering thousands of different packages, in Finland Wing has not yet decided on the list of goods to be transported. Proposals from potential customers are accepted on the website. Most likely, preference will be given to food, pain relievers and essential items such as diapers.

Wing offers faster delivery than ground transportation and competitive prices. At the same time, drones do not pollute the environment - it is worth considering that up to 12% of greenhouse gas emissions in Finland come from road transport.

The largest player in drone delivery today is Amazon. Their Prime Air service has been testing in the UK since 2016.