The new special unit of the US Navy will be engaged in imitation of the actions of submarines of China and Russia

According to the US Naval Institute, the new commander of the US Navy's submarine forces, Vice Admiral Charles Richard, has ordered the training of submarine commanders and crews to combat their Russian and Chinese counterparts.

It is based on the idea of ​​"Top Gun" - a training system for US Air Force fighter pilots who took part in the Vietnam War. Then a squadron was created, consisting of the best American pilots who imitated enemy actions on captured aircraft and thereby helped young pilots master the tactics of air combat before being sent to Southeast Asia.

The submarine version of "Top Gun" is not an exact repetition of it, if only for the simple reason that there are no Chinese or Russian modern low-noise submarines in the United States. Instead, the program will involve serving experienced submarine officers, reserve officers and civilian specialists with skills in operating foreign submarines.

Admiral Richard intends to get from the Top Gun members, the so-called “red” teams, to create the most realistic simulations, forming the necessary combat skills in American submariners.

Currently, the US Navy has 56 nuclear submarines, including 40 Los Angeles class submarines, 3 Seawolf class submarines and 13 Virginia class submarines.

USS Virginia