The new model of the Ural motorcycle will receive its own built-in drone

The legendary domestic motorcycle manufacturer “Ural” is now more and more oriented not so much towards the western buyer as towards narrow groups of lovers of curiosities and collectible versions. The Ural Air is certainly one - it is the first and only version of a sidecar motorcycle to act as a mobile airport for drones.

It is based on the classic "Ural", the ideological successor of the pre-war German BMW R71. It is equipped with a twin-cylinder 750 cc 41 hp engine, whose power can be transferred to the sidecar wheel, turning the bike into an all-wheel drive unit. The wheelchair can still accommodate a passenger, aka the drone operator, for whom there is a seat in the front of the wheelchair. Here is a typical docking station for storing and recharging the batteries of the DJI Spark drone.

The drone can be useful for off-road orientation or taking photos and videos of the beauty of nature. To prevent the light vehicle from becoming a victim of accidental gusts of wind, it is proposed to mount a telescopic mast with a wind cone behind the bike. While it is difficult to talk about the practical benefits and competitive benefits of such a complete set of a motorcycle, only 40 copies of them will be produced at a price of $ 17, 999 and fans of the brand will surely buy them out completely.