Unusual drone "Volerian" will be able to fly without a propeller and jet thrust

In the course of evolution on Earth, most of the creatures moving in the thickness of the environment have learned to do this by rhythmic flapping of their wings or fins. Why shouldn't a person return to this idea, fortunately, there is a serious reason for this? If the activity of large aircraft is sufficiently controlled, then the ultra-small, in the face of multicopters, creates a huge danger to others with its rotating propellers and the risk of falling on your head when the battery runs out. The Volerian concept aims to eliminate this problem.

At the Fanborough air show, a prototype of the main element of this aircraft was shown - a combination of a movable and static wing. The first is mounted on the engine shaft and flaps up and down, it moves air to the second wing, which controls the movement of its flows. How exactly is not very clear, despite the abundance of digital models and renderings. In particular, does a volerian need two types of wings, for horizontal and vertical flight?

In the final form, the volerian will resemble a lattice structure of rows of flapping and fixed wings, with a small cargo-passenger gondola, like airships. There are a lot of questions about how he will maneuver, including situations with strong gusts of wind. Is such an apparatus capable of accelerating or is it capable of moving only in a stable environment with fixed conditions? And what should be the engine power for the wings to work, and what are the requirements for the material from which they will be made?

The undoubted advantage of the Volerian is that there are no propellers that could cut off someone's head. And the noise is less, and the structure itself, as a combination of a glider and a parachute, is able to safely descend to the ground in case of engine failure. There is no working model of the new device yet, but the idea itself turned out to be very interesting.