Laser technology will keep drones in the air indefinitely

Currently, the average flight duration of a military drone does not exceed 30 minutes. However, everything may change soon. The fact is that the specialists of the US Army have begun to develop drones, the flight duration of which will not be limited by the time frame at all.

According to New Scientist, the US Army is developing a system for remote recharging of drones using a laser beam, which, after “hitting” a special galvanic cell, is then converted into electricity. For starters, the developers hope to achieve a similar effect at a distance of 500 meters.

However, in order to achieve this goal, they will have to solve a number of technical problems. One of them is to ensure that the beam hits the galvanic cell exactly. Otherwise, it turns into a weapon of destruction for its own drone.

At this stage, ground tests of the system are already underway, which should be completed by the beginning of 2019, after which they should continue in the air. All tests are planned to be completed in 2020 - their result will be a technical system that will allow drones to stay in the air indefinitely.