Boeing is interested in the idea of ​​a flying train "Link & Fly"

The French company Akka Technologies has developed a concept for a new aircraft that can replace traditional aircraft in the same way that electric cars are replacing cars with internal combustion engines. The idea is called "Link & Fly" and it has already attracted the attention of Boeing, as well as major investors in Asia, who are looking for a way to dramatically overtake the European and especially the American aircraft industry. From the point of view of consumer-passengers, it looks like a "flying train".

After check-in, people at the airport get into a capsule that resembles a train carriage, but with the interior of the aircraft cabin. It is self-propelled and, at the command of the dispatcher, is taxiing to the place of docking with the flying platform. It looks like a glider with a wingspan of 49 m, 34 m long and 8 m high. The passenger capsule is attached to it from below and this tandem takes off into the sky.

The first advantage is the minimization of the aircraft's downtime on the ground; it will take exactly as many seconds as it takes to land, change capsules and take off. Loading and unloading capsules is in no way related to flying, which saves time and improves safety. Further, capsules can be passenger, cargo, special, etc. The universal flying platform does not matter what to carry as long as everything fits within the weight limits.

Capsules can be equipped with electric motors and an autopilot, and the airport layout can be redesigned to optimize their movement. Taxiways, mooring terminals, gangways and other equipment are no longer needed; instead, a special station is being built within the city, from where passengers comfortably and without traffic jams travel to the runway system in the distance. And capsules with cargo are moving there from the opposite direction - the logistics will become so flexible that the current airports will immediately be out of competition.